Monday, November 17, 2014

Previous works for August, September & October 2014

Silk Fan with Laser Cut Out Box

Personalized Yassin + Mint Tin with Deco + Teddy Bear Pahar
Thanks Linda from Kota Kinabalu

Airplane Luggage Tag for Sheela, Kedah

With This Ring Box

Ready To Pop Favor Box

Paper Bag + Sticker for Cikgu Nad, Kuantan

Cookies in Box for Mimi, Shah Alam

Bride & Groom Paper Bag

Tasbih in Box for Najiha 
Cookies In Box + Mineral Water with Personalized Label for Naqiah, Duchess Place Ampang

Thanks Kak Zura Samah :)

Paper Bag Design

Transparent Box with Scallop Holder 

Customized Paper Box

Favors for Puteri Dura, Cheras

Stand-up Paper Bag

Bicycle Favor Box

Burlap Drawstring

Blue Cupcake Tote Box

Mini Jam with Cotton Cloth for Fieda

Paper Bag with Chrome Leaf Spreader

Paper bag with Sticker & Doily for Azian
Red Velvet Rose Container for Shazrin, Kelantan

Engagement Favors for Syuhada, Cheras

Pillow Box with Flower

Thank you! Thank you!

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